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Single Tooth Implant
Austin, TX

Diagram of dental implant with post at Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in Austin, TXAre you missing a tooth, or looking to have a tooth extracted soon? Then you will want a high-quality single tooth implant from Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants.

Understanding Single Tooth Implants

Dental implants are extremely small rods that are made out of titanium. These rods are embedded in the bone of your jaw where there used to be a tooth root. We then attach a dental crown to the top of the rod. This crown is precision-fabricated, sculpted, and polished, so that it is indistinguishable from all of your other teeth. Implants are permanent and built for life. Once you have your implant, you will never need to replace it.

Why Do We Replace Single Teeth?

It is a common misconception that if you are missing only one tooth, especially if it is a tooth that people cannot see, it does not need to be replaced. Our mouths and jaws evolved to need a full set of teeth. When even one goes missing, it can throw everything out of balance. The teeth around the now-empty socket will begin to drift out of place. Your jawbone will deteriorate, altering your appearance to make you look prematurely older. Bacteria can find it easier to gather, which can mean more cavities and gingivitis, or even gum disease. A dental implant is a quick and affordable way to prevent these problems, and the more expensive and invasive treatments that may be necessary to fix these problems.

Why We Recommend Single Tooth Implants

We recommend single tooth implants because of all the options for replacing a lone tooth, implants are by far the best. Dental bridges actually require healthy teeth to be partially destroyed so they can support a prosthetic tooth. Traditional bridges also do nothing to stop the bone resorption that occurs as a result of losing a tooth. An implant is the one and only way you can ensure that your jawbone stays as healthy as it would with all of your natural teeth.

How to Get a Single Tooth Implant

Getting a single tooth implant is pretty easy! Once your eligibility is approved, which means your mouth is free of gum disease and any bone grafting and extractions have already been performed, then we can perform the surgery to place the implant. Placing just one implant is a fairly fast procedure, so you can be on your way in no time. Typically, a local anesthetic is all that is required, meaning that you can stay conscious without the need to prepare yourself ahead of time. You may even be able to drive yourself home afterward. While your implant heals we will get to work creating your custom, permanent crown that we will attach once your mouth is ready.

Are You in Need of a New Tooth?

If you need a new tooth, then there is no better replacement than a high-quality dental implant. Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants can help you determine whether or not you are a good candidate for a dental implant, so call (737) 309-4351 today!
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