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Sinus Lift

Woman leaning againtst wall and smilingAt Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we are committed to helping as many patients as possible receive dental implants so that they can experience superior oral health. Sinus lifts are one of the ways we help make this possible.

Everything to Know About Sinus Lifts

Inside our heads there is a lot going on. Not just our brains, but our ears, mouths, respiratory systems, and others. By necessity, these are all located very close together. This means that poor health in one area can negatively affect a different area. This is what happens when the upper jawbone deteriorates in mass, creating only a thin barrier between the mouth and maxillary sinuses. While this is usually not a health problem on its own, it can make placing dental implants tricky, or even impossible, because there is a risk that the implants could penetrate into the sinus cavity.

This is where a procedure known as a sinus lift comes in. To prevent a sinus cavity breach, we lift the sinus membrane up and then graft new bone to the upper jaw. With a sinus lift, placing dental implants is both easier and safer, giving the implants a strong, sturdy foundation while protecting the maxillary sinuses.

Why We Recommend Sinus Lifts

The main reason that we recommend sinus lifts to our patients is to enable them to receive dental implants. If you are missing even just one tooth this can have devastating long-term consequences if it is not restored. The bone will continue to decay, weakening the jaw. The patients who can benefit from a sinus lift the most are typically missing more than one of their molars, meaning the decaying process will be accelerated. A sinus lift can reverse this process, creating healthy new bone, while dental implants can stop the process from starting up all over again. A successful sinus lift also has the bonus of making you look younger by better supporting your facial features!

Receiving a Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is a surgical operation, but one typically performed at our office and as an outpatient treatment. While sedatives are available on request, typically only local anesthetic is necessary. To lift the floor of your sinuses, we pull back your gums and use a special dental drill on the jawbone so we can safely access the sinus cavity. We lift the floor, making just enough room for the bone graft. This material may come from elsewhere in your body from an earlier procedure, or it may have been harvested from another source. The graft material is added and then the bone and gums are all closed up again. It will take a while for new bone to start growing, using the graft material as a scaffold. We will monitor your progress, and once enough of your jaw has been restored, we will be able to place your implants.

Need to Know More?

For many patients, a sinus lift can be the difference between qualifying for dental implants and not qualifying. To learn more about this critical procedure, we encourage you to call Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants at (737) 309-4351.
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