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Tooth Socket Graft

Young woman smilingIt might seem like getting a troublesome tooth removed will be the end of your oral health problems. Unfortunately, if proper precautions are not taken, this can end up causing even more issues. To prevent this from happening, Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants performs tooth socket grafts.

Everything to Know About Tooth Socket Grafts

A tooth socket graft is what is known as a bone graft. A bone graft is where new bone is added, or grafted, onto bone that has shrunk. This new bone is really just a placeholder, promoting new bone to grow over it and eventually replace it. During a tooth socket graft, the bone is added to an empty socket. Typically, tooth socket grafts are performed alongside an extraction, which is when we recommend them, but they may also be done at a later date. Socket grafts are an excellent way to maintain the health of your jawbone while you consider the restorative choices available to you.

Why We Recommend You Get a Tooth Socket Graft

We recommend getting a tooth socket graft for one very simple reason - to keep your jawbone healthy, dense, and strong. Our jaws need our teeth more than we realize. Our teeth provide much-needed stimulation to the bone beneath, telling the jaw that it is needed and encouraging it to maintain a healthy density. Without a tooth there, there is no longer anything telling the underlying bone that it is necessary, and so the bone will start to wither away. This is known as bone resorption, and advanced resorption can prevent you from replacing that missing tooth with a dental implant. Compared to options like dental bridges and dentures, an implant is the best way to replace a missing tooth.

Undergoing a Tooth Socket Graft Procedure

Your tooth socket graft experience will depend on when it is being performed. Ideally, the graft will be performed immediately following the removal of a tooth. When this happens, the procedure is quicker, easier, and more affordable. This also guarantees the most effective outcome. If the graft is being performed separate from an extraction it can be a more time-consuming and intensive operation. You may need to undergo a second graft even if you already previously got a socket graft, as delaying six months or longer in getting an implant placed will cause the graft to shrink.

Regardless of when it is performed, the general procedure is still more or less the same. The socket will need to be exposed, either from the immediately prior extraction or from a new surgery that pulls back your gums. The socket will be filled with the bone graft material of your choice and then covered back up. In a few months, new bone will have grown, using the graft as a framework to guide it.

Getting a Tooth Extracted?

If you are having a tooth removed soon, then you should inquire about a tooth socket graft. For all the information you need about this simple but effective procedure, call Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants at (737) 309-4351.
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