Ridge augmentations are commonly performed after a tooth extraction to repair the gum and jawline. With this procedure, we are able to treat the bone loss that is often caused by periodontal disease and other oral health conditions that affect the integrity of the jawbone. This procedure focuses on recreating the natural contours of the alveolar ridge. The alveolar ridge is the part of the jawbone that surrounds the roots of the teeth. Ridge augmentations work to restore the shape of the bone. This procedure is often used for aesthetic reasons and in preparation to receive a dental implant.

During this procedure, the indented area will be filled in with bone grafting material. This material rebuilds the alveolar ridge and provides you with a natural appearance and support for a dental implant. The ridge augmentation procedure can be performed immediately after tooth extraction or at a later time. Our oral surgeon will determine what timing will be best for you based on your oral health needs and preferences. Our oral surgeon and team will do everything necessary to make sure you are comfortable during this treatment. You will receive detailed post-op instructions following surgery. It is important to follow them closely to ensure proper healing.

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