We appreciate your interest in the esteemed practice of Dr. Steven Widner. With our specialized focus on oral surgery and implant dentistry in Austin, Texas, we excel in the meticulous removal of wisdom teeth, performing various extractions, and seamlessly integrating dental implants. At Widner Elite Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we can also restore optimal function by addressing facial injuries, orthognathic surgery (OGS) and much more through reconstructive and cosmetic solutions. We will use everything in our power to restore your healthiest smile to you.

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Trust Your Care To An Oral Surgeon

Why An Oral Surgeon?

With extensive education and hands-on experience, oral surgeons are well-versed in complex oral surgeries, including wisdom tooth extraction, jaw reconstruction and dental implant placement. Their in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, advanced surgical techniques and anesthesia administration ensures safe and effective treatments, promising patients optimal results and peace of mind. Trust the expertise of our oral surgeon, Dr. Steven Widner, for unparalleled oral care and the ability to transform your smile and improve your oral health.

What Our Patients Say


Emie C.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the care Dr Widner and his team gave me during my treatment! The best care, professionalism and hospitality. I highly recommend you come to the best care



Dr. Widner represents the best of the best in his field. His staff provides excellent support, from surgical care to insurance documentation and filings. I am very happy that I selected Dr. Widner for my procedure, and I am very satisfied with the results.

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Amit S.

I had my four wisdom teeth extracted recently. Dr Widner is highly skilled In tooth extraction. The billing and paperwork was very transparent. I had to pay pretty low amount with my Delta Dental insurance.


William H.

Dr Widner and his team have been amazing. I had a very bad injury of my jaw which caused it to be broken in 2 places, and they have and still are taking care of me. They are caring and considerate of your own particular situation. He is an excellent doctor!

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