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Multiple Tooth Implant
Austin, TX

3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implants at Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in Austin, TXIf you are missing multiple teeth, then it might seem like getting new ones would be a costly hassle that is more trouble than it is worth. Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants provides multiple tooth implants that make replacing multiple teeth quick and efficient.

Understanding Multiple Tooth Implants

One of the big problems with other multiple tooth replacement solutions is that while they can restore all of your teeth, offering you an immediate benefit, they are often bad for your oral health in the long run. In particular, bone health takes a toll, as the lack of a replacement tooth root means that your calcium will be sucked right out of your jawbone. This is even worse when multiple teeth are missing, as this only accelerates the process.

Dental implants are the solution to this. Unlike all other replacement solutions, implants actually take the place of the missing root. Where there used to be a root there is now a miniaturized titanium post that will keep your jaw strong and the bone dense. When replacing multiple teeth, there are a number of implants available to you. Some implants are built to replace just two teeth, others are more like dentures.

Why We Recommend Multiple Tooth Implants

Preserving the health of your bones is not the only reason to get a multiple tooth implant over other alternatives. The more teeth you are missing, the more likely it is that you will need further intervention in the future. Teeth rely on each other for support, and when they are not all there the remaining teeth have a tendency to shift out of place, creating gaps and poor bites. In adults, orthodontic treatment can be a lengthy affair, often multiple years, because their jaws have finished growing, so moving teeth is more difficult. By replacing these missing teeth with implants, you can make sure all your teeth stay right where they are supposed to.

How to Get a Multiple Tooth Implant

Getting a multiple tooth implant varies based on how many teeth are being replaced and what other procedures may need to be performed beforehand. Extractions are common for many patients getting implants, as it is preferred to leave the teeth in for as long as possible before removing them for their replacements. Bone grafting might also be necessary if the loss of teeth has caused bone decay. When it comes time for the actual implantation it is usually a single-visit procedure, and most patients need only local anesthetic, though stronger sedatives are available. Your implant will need time to heal up, and it can be many months before it has fully integrated with your jaw. We will also need time to craft your permanent custom teeth, whether they are crowns or a denture-like appliance.

Are You in Need of New Teeth?

If you are in need of new teeth, but want something more premium and better for your health than traditional gum-supported dentures and other old-fashioned options, then a multiple tooth implant is the way to go. Consult with Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants today by calling (737) 309-4351 to schedule your appointment.
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